Using Up Leftover Yarn

Over the past several years since I began knitting, I’ve accumulated a certain amount of leftover yarn. I can’t think of a single project where there wasn’t some yarn left over. I suppose that’s better than the alternative, which would be running out of yarn before I was done.

I’ve used some of it to make little stocking ornaments, chair booties, and most recently a pair of socks.


The ornaments and the chair booties are great, but they don’t really make a dent in the stash. And the socks are fun, but I have to make sure I have enough of similar-weight yarn to make a complete pair.

So recently I went looking for something that would use up more yarn than the ornaments and booties, but didn’t need as much as for a complete pair of socks. I found this pattern for mitered squares.

I’ve knit three so far, and am working on a fourth. I will finish the skein of yarn I’m knitting from before I’m done with the current square, but it doesn’t matter. I’ll just finish it out with something else.

mitered squares

The instructions were a little vague about what sort of increase stitch to use in the middle. A “make 1” didn’t work so well, but a “knit 1 front & back” does the trick.

Eventually, when I have enough, I may assemble them into an afghan.


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