More Squares and One Sock

This past week, my knitting has consisted of making more mitered squares. I had finished one sock of a pair, but hadn’t kitchenered the toe yet.


As you can see from the two in the upper right, when I run out of one yarn, I just start in with another that’s close in weight.

In the square on top of the stack, the yarn was lighter weight than the preceding squares. I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to go looking for smaller needles, so I just double-stranded the yarn instead.

Yesterday, I went rummaging through the various plastic and paper bags holding yarn remnants. Here’s what I found.


Most of it is similar in weight, with the exception of two or three chunkier yarns. They’ll all get thrown into the mix.

This morning, I finished the toe of this sock, and cast on for the second.


If I recall correctly, the yarn is Findley from Juniper Moon. And looking at the web page, I’m guessing it’s color #114 Macaw. (The yarn label has gone missing, as they are wont to do in my house. I’m sometimes lax about keeping track of them.) Size 2 needles are recommended, but I’m using size 1. It’s a very fine yarn.

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