This morning, Tim and I ventured over to Volunteer Park. There was not a cloud in the sky, and with a predicted high temperature of 82, it was still cool but very pleasant.

Tim likes to climb the stairs at the old water tower and take in the view.

After that, we just strolled around the park. I had seen some sort of flower garden across the lawn from where we had parked the car, and suggested we go check it out.

It turned out to be a Dahlia Garden maintained by the Puget Sound Dahlia Association.

There were many, many varieties in full bloom.

WP_20140921_011   WP_20140921_015 WP_20140921_016 WP_20140921_014 WP_20140921_012 WP_20140921_009WP_20140921_017

I’ve always particularly like the round ones.


There were several that I wouldn’t have guessed were dahlias.

WP_20140921_022  WP_20140921_025  WP_20140921_010  WP_20140921_028 WP_20140921_021WP_20140921_008WP_20140921_026WP_20140921_030

These are all the same flower, but look completely different depending on whether they are in shade or in sun.

WP_20140921_019 WP_20140921_020 WP_20140921_018

These are the same as well, but when I got in close to take a photo, the resulting colors are very different, almost otherworldly!

WP_20140921_031 WP_20140921_032

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2 Responses to Dahlias

  1. Palma says:

    I love dahlias….


  2. Laurie says:

    You captured some beautiful colors. I’ve never had good luck with dahlias but this may inspire me to try again.


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