Vancouver BC — a short photo tour of the West End

Near our hotel in the West End, a group of statues called “A-maze-ing Laughter” by Yue Minjun.

DSCN5576DSCN5578 DSCN5582 DSCN5587

Rooftop garden, complete with large tree.


One of several “Inukshuk” sculptures.


A beach full of small cairns

DSCN5599DSCN5604 DSCN5603 DSCN5607 DSCN5600

An AIDS memorial


Fountain in front of the Museum of Vancouver. From the side, it looked to me like something out of one of the “Alien” movies. If I’d looked at it from the front, maybe I would have seen that it resembled a crab.


Assorted public art pieces.

DSCN5620 DSCN5630 DSCN5665

Very tall totem pole.


Industrial silos as murals


The prettiest concrete mixer you’ll ever see.


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