When Tim and I travel these days, we generally don’t make any particular effort to come home with souvenirs. We have enough mugs and refrigerator magnets and shot glasses, and I don’t collect spoons or knickknacks.

Although I have been known to be diverted into quilt or yarn shops.

If I see something unusual or fun or quirky, though, that is different from anything I’ve seen before or likely to come across again, that gets my interest.

During our trip to Vancouver BC last weekend, we visited the Roedde House. As luck would have it, there was a demonstration of paper marbling set up in the kitchen, as part of something called Culture Days.

There were examples of marbling patterns that I was familiar with, similar to these.

marbling 1

marblign 2

But these individuals had developed a style that was different than anything I’d seen before. They called it “shuffling.” After laying the paper onto the ink suspension, the paper would be gently shifted back and forth, at the same time as it was being lifted up from the ink by one corner. At least, that’s how I remember it.


I was really taken with the three-dimensional effect that the technique produced — what appears to be folds and ripples.

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