Strips and Squares

I’ve been working away at using both fabric scraps and leftover yarn.

From the motley collection of fabric strips and bits, I’m putting together a six-pointed star. So far, I’ve completed two star points. They’ve each taken about 2 hours to assemble.


It’s completely random. From the pile of strips, I find two or three or four — or however many I need to make a strip 24 or 25 inches long— that are about the same width, sew them together, and trim them to an consistent width.

From my yarn stash, I’ve got a nice little stack of mitered squares.

yarn squares

Actually, since I took this photo, I have finished the one shown on the needles, as well as one more, and am working on another.

These are so incredibly easy to make — completely mindless knitting, just plain garter stitch. All knit and no purl. The only thing I have to remember is to do the increase in the middle. But even if I miss one, it’s not a big deal.

Oh, and I have to be sure to stop when it gets to be 6 inches big.

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