Sock Issues

Over the weekend, I kitchenered the toe on the second sock to go with the first sock.

However, when I tried on the pair, in addition to being — shall we say — roomy (by which I mean, large-ish) around the heel and instep, they were about half an inch too long.

After thinking about it, I decided that I really needed to fix the toe problem. Not much I can do about the overall size (short of ripping back both of them and starting over). But it wasn’t too much trouble to snip the toe, rip it back half an inch, and re-kitchener it.

Which I did.

sock issues

The toe isn’t as tapered as it might ordinarily be. However, even if these particular socks  aren’t well suited to wearing with shoes, I can still wear them with Birkenstocks.

By now, I’ve made several pairs of socks. I always make a gauge swatch before I write out my instructions. Nevertheless, some pairs end up fitting somewhat more snugly than others. But in evaluating all of them, I have concluded that, generally speaking, they could all stand to be, to varying degrees, smaller.

Thus, I think on the next pair of socks, I will make a couple of adjustments and see how they work out. First, after I make my gauge swatch, I will reduce the number of stitches I would cast from the amount needed to make 8-1/2″ (my instep circumference) by 10 percent. Second, I will reduce the length of the heel flap from 2-1/2″ to 2″.

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