Variations on the Hand Pillow

Although sometimes it doesn’t seem as though I’m making any headway on reducing my fabric stash, there is one indication that I may be making progress: I am finding fewer pieces of fabric large enough (18″ x 18″) to use for the front of my hand pillows.

Consequently, I am exploring piecing the front as an alternative.

The first one — a Four Patch — I did in 2012.

More recently, I sewed up a Nine-Patch. The yellow rose fabrics were left over from another project. None of the pieces were much larger than a few inches wide.

red hands

(If you look closely at the upper left square, you can see where I pieced it so as to maintain the repeat in the fabric.)

Another one that I sewed up earlier this week is made from odd-shaped pieces left over from a dress I made back in the ’80s.

purple hands

I straightened up the edges, and then pieced them together randomly. Before I positioned the hands, instead of trimming it now to be square, I basted a square boundary instead. I’ll square it up when the hands and hearts have been buttonhole-stitched down.

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