A Taste of Gryn

So, I didn’t get around to trying the gryn until last night for dinner.

First, I sautéed up some onions, just because.

Then I tossed in a slice of gryn to brown.

I had to be careful turning it over to brown, because it had a tendency to want to crumble. I’m not sure if there’s something I should have done differently to make it adhere together better.

Once I sat down to eat it, I found the texture to be a little mealy, but not excessively so. The taste, surprisingly, was kind of bland. I’ve enjoyed a plate of beef liver and onions on occasion, and my recollection is that that dish has a more pronounced “liver-y” flavor than the gryn.

Perhaps the other ground-up pork roast and the barley ameliorate the strong flavor?

I will slice up and freeze the gryn. It will probably last me awhile. But I can see where it might go well with an egg over-easy.

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