Three Sox and the Sweater-in-Progress

Not quite a year ago, I began knitting a sweater.

Sometime around the middle of the year (I can’t remember exactly) I finished knitting the four main pieces β€” back, front, and two sleeves.

And then they sat for awhile. And a little longer.

Finally, one morning a couple months ago or so (again, I can’t remember exactly because I don’t seem to have blogged about it), I sat down to start seaming the pieces together. I accomplished this much.


The shoulder seams are done and one sleeve is attached. And once again, it’s waiting until I get back to it.

Finishing this sweater is somehow just not high in my list of priorities. I find myself preferring to make another pair of sox . . .

blue sox

. . . make a bunch of kittez . . .


. . . (my husband says I’m giving new meaning to the term “crazy cat lady”) . . .


. . . and start on another pair of sox.

stripe sox

Also along the way, I slipped in a project which I can’t write about until after Christmas.

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