Getting on Top of Things

With the advent of 2015, I plan to tend to some projects that have been on my To-Do list for awhile. In the waning days of 2014, I took care of a couple of items.

I added some length to one set of curtains that I made after painting the bedroom over Labor Day weekend. The curtains in front of the french doors needed to be about 3 inches longer. I had more than enough fabric left over, but I bought some ribbon to cover up the new seam.


I need to also retro-sew the curtains over the window, but at the top instead. The tabs are a bit too long and you can the pull-down windowshade. It doesn’t look horrible, but I feel it could look better.

I also finished up a hand pillow, sewing the welting and back to a completed front. I also prepped two more fronts, basting together the three layers (appliquéd front, batting, and backing). For the backing of these two pillows (an probably many more going forward), the old mustard-colored curtains from the bedroom will be repurposed.


Other items include finished this quilt top . . .


. . . and getting back to seaming this sweater.


For the quilt, I could have sworn I bought fabric for the background, but now I can’t find it.

And so far as the sweater is concerned, I will make a concerted effort to move it along. However, once it’s done, I’m not sure how soon I will tackle another sweater project. If I had enjoyed the project more, it would probably be done by now.

It’s become clear to me that I really enjoy knitting socks. I’ve knit several pairs, as well as worked on a continuing series of hand pillows — not to mention stuffed kitties, various quilting projects, and a shirt for my husband — when I could have been working on the sweater.

A couple nights ago, I kitchenered the toe on my latest pair of socks.

stripy socks

The stripes match almost perfectly, without even trying!

Last night, I cast on the next pair, using a different color way of the same kind of yarn.

new sock

Since it’s the same kind of yarn, I was able to start the new pair right away, without the need to knit a gauge swatch and calculate a new pattern.

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