Designing a Feathered Quilting Pattern

I like to hand quilt, and feathered patterns are my favorite.

Among the various projects that are always ongoing, I generally have one quilt that is in the process of being hand-quilted. Most recently, it is a strippy scrappy heart quilt.

This isn’t it, but it has essentially the same layout.


First, I outline-quilted around all the hearts. Then, I quilted the large heart, which I just finished a couple evenings ago. For that, I found a design online and then modified it. The one on the left is the original; the one on the right is my version. I moved down the “V” of the heart, made some of the feathers bigger to fill more of the upper corners and the interior, and added a center feather below the “V”.

feathered_heart_fullsize28 inch heart

Next, I went looking on the internet for a feathered heart design for the small hearts, and found this.

feath heart

But after making a template and chalking it onto the quilt, I decided it was too small and fussily detailed to work. So, back (literally) to the drawing board.

I printed out the pattern for the small hearts, laid a sheet of tracing paper over it, and sketched out a pattern with just a few large feather.


First, I drew a line for the spine, and immediately decided to go with a slightly asymmetrical design. Then I sketched in the feathers on the left, and lastly the feathers on the right.

Next, I scanned the tracing and imported it into Illustrator to draw the final pattern.

Screen Shot

I like to draw my quilting patterns on the computer, because I can edit the lines more easily than with pencil and paper, which would involve a lot of messy erasing.

I printed out the digital file, glued it to some cardstock, ran it through my sewing machine to needlepunch the lines, pounced it onto a block, and connected the dots with a white chalk pencil.


Et voilĂ !

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