Two More Done

This week, I checked off two of the tasks I mentioned in my last post.

I sewed on the background pieces for this project . . .

DSCN6037 copy

. . . and I finished this pillow.


For both projects, I had to get a little inventive.

For the quilt top, I had a very specific idea of what I wanted for the background fabric. I had pretty much used up the fabric that I had used as the background for some of my large strippy hearts.


This is what it looks like close up.

DSCN6033 copy

I like that it’s just a little bit off-white, and that the blue print is somewhat low-contrast with the white. Also, that it has a kind of random pattern to it, not regular or geometric at all. When I was out shopping for something similar for the six-pointed star background, everything was too high-contrast or too geometric.

Finally, my eye lit on something and it occurred to me to look at the wrong side of the fabric.


That worked for me.

As for the pillow, I didn’t have enough of any one fabric to make both sides of the pillow back. So, one half is red and one half is yellow. But it works.


Not only that, but I had to piece the red section.

Sometimes, you just gotta do what you gotta do.

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2 Responses to Two More Done

  1. Love the strippy star and hearts! What size is the star? And the pillow’s cool as well – I reckon your inventiveness paid off with both of these projects 🙂


  2. LRStrand says:

    Thank you! The star measures about 61 inches square. A good size for a lap quilt I think.


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