Dunn Gardens: Snowdrop Stroll

This afternoon, Tim and I walked over to the Dunn Gardens for their first open house event of the year. According to their web site: “At this time of year Dunn Gardens welcomes members and their guests to view the snowdrops, those cheerful, white heralds of warmer times ahead. This year they seem to be jumping the gun and have been blooming in January. So we may not be able to promise our usual snowdrops. But we can assure you that there will be something equally splendid to see.”

Well, there were still snowdrops, and many other flowers — some of which seemed to be blooming earlier than usual.


There were lots and lots of crocuses scattered throughout the lawns.


In addition to the purple, white and yellow ones . . .

DSCN6111 DSCN6106

. . . there were also these cool stripey ones.


We saw camellias in full flower . . .

DSCN6118 DSCN6127

. . . so transient, already littering the ground with fallen blossoms.


There were a couple of early azaleas . . .

DSCN6143  DSCN6137

. . . and an early rhododendron.


There were lots of hellebores . . .

DSCN6138 DSCN6141 DSCN6154

. . . and cyclamen . . .

DSCN6140 DSCN6156

. . . and a bed containing something really alien-looking.

DSCN6162 DSCN6163

Way high up, a magnolia tree was starting to bloom.


There were dried seed pods of oriental lilies on stalks six or seven feet tall. The docent leading the tour shook one and scads of seeds fluttered down.

DSCN6130 DSCN6131

In a couple months, there will be a spring open house. I’ve marked it on my calendar!

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