Weaving Class

For awhile, I have been toying with the idea of taking a weaving class. I knew they were offered at the Weaving Works, but I was hesitant to commit two of my Saturdays to the endeavor.

So, when I saw in an email newsletter from the Fiber Gallery that they were offering a weaving class, and it was all done in one day, I signed up.

I was told to bring 300 to 400 yards of DK or Worsted weight yarn. So yesterday at work, I picked up 2 skeins of Cascade 220, one of Amethyst Heather and one of Delphinium.

After a rainy Friday, the sun came out so I walked the 4 miles to the shop. The air was on the cool side, but the sun was warm.

The class started at 10:30. The first hour or so was spent setting up the warp yarn and the Cricket rigid heddle looms. This is a somewhat fiddly process, but also has a meditative quality to the repetitiveness of the task.

We started weaving our scarves around 11:30. Around 12:30 we broke for lunch.

I got back around 1:15, and spent the next four hours or so sending my shuttle back and forth, back and forth. It could be tedious, but as long as there is something to listen to ā€” conversation, a podcast ā€” it’s not so bad.

The class was scheduled to end at 4:00, but I was so close to being done that I worked on until it was done. The teacher graciously stayed until I was done, around 5:15.

My selvages are a little uneven, and I still need to weave in the ends, but I have a scarf in much less time than it would take to knit one.


I’m glad I finally took the class. However, I’m not about to add weaving to the list of crafts I pursue, at least not now. But maybe someday.

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