Chicken Vindaloo

Oftentimes, Tim makes Sunday evening dinner, usually something that results in leftovers that make easy-to-heat lunches for the upcoming week.

This week, however, I took over meal preparation.

When we were making up our weekly shopping list yesterday morning, I was trying to think of something different, something novel, something we hadn’t had in awhile. I turned to our copy of At Home with Madhur Jaffrey, which we had picked up after hearing her do an author reading at Third Place Books a few years ago. We didn’t purchase it right away. Instead, we checked out a library copy, but liked it well enough to invest in our own copy.

It’s been awhile since we tried a recipe out of it. And by we, I mean “I” since Tim is more of a improvisational cook, whereas I like to follow step-by-step recipes.

I did depart from the recipe for Chicken Vindaloo a little bit, in that I substituted two cut-up chicken breast for the eight chicken thighs specified in the recipe. Other than that, I pretty much followed the recipe.

From preparing other dishes from the book, we had most of the spices on hand. We only had to purchase the ground coriander and the fresh basil. Everything else, including whole mustard seeds and fenugreek seeds, were in the spice cupboard.

We hadn’t discussed what to have for a side dish. But this afternoon I decided that asparagus would be good. It’s just about asparagus season. I’ve been seeing some from Mexico and California, but I like to wait until the local-grown variety hits the stores. I knew if anywhere was likely to have it, it would be Central Market, just up the road from us. Which indeed turned out to be the case.

Often I steam it, but I thought roasting it would be a nice change. A quick internet search turned up this recipe.

Et voilĂ .


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