What is an Automobile Roller Coaster?

I don’t know which better describes the answer to this question: “You learn something new every day” or “People do the wackiest things.”

At the monthly meeting of the Broadview Historical Society this afternoon, the presenter showed a clip from 1929 of an automobile roller coaster that once existed not far from our house.

After I got home, I got on my computer to see if I could find it online. I did find it, but first I stumbled across a blog with this article from the July 1929 issue of “Modern Mechanics.” The illustration looks exactly like the one in the video.


The video clip includes sound. Mostly it’s the noise of the car motors. But periodically, one of the cars will pass in front of the camera — the one with the balloon — and you can hear the young women riding in the rumble seat shrieking with laughter.

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