Juice Pops!

When I was a kid, my mom would make juice pops for us in the summer β€” orange juice, apple juice, even chocolate milk. She had a plastic mold that would make eight little frozen treats. The one I remember most was the one where the little holders had animal cutouts. Over time, several of them sustained damage to the “stick” part that went down into the juice and held the frozen pop in place when you took it out of the mold; if we weren’t careful, they had a tendency to go down the drain and get eaten in the garbage disposal. My mom would fish them out of the sink and keep on using them. Even though they were a little chewed up, they still did the job.


The set with the red handles must have come later. I don’t have a particular memory of those.

At some point, I apparently acquired them from her. Though it seems kind of silly to have two molds and only five of the handle do-hickeys.

Somewhere along the line, I came to possess a newer popsicle maker. Can’t remember if I bought it myself, or if someone (probably my mom) gave it to me. But with the recent warm weather we’ve been enjoying, I was moved to get it out of the cupboard and put it to use.

My husband had to make a quick trip to the grocery store, so I asked him to get some pineapple-orange juice. He called me from the store to say he couldn’t find any, so what did I want instead? I said, just get some plain orange juice, that’ll be fine. (Normally, I don’t like plain orange juice, at least not to drink, unless it’s fresh-squeezed. But for freezing, it’d work fine.)


Since I put these in the freezer, it’s cooled down a bit. But maybe this weekend, the weather will be right!

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