“Here Comes the Sun”

Some number of years ago, I bought some fabric from a line called “Here Comes the Sun” by Patrick Lose. I’m not 100% certain, but I think I purchased it to make the clothes for a rabbit doll I made for a former co-worker.

Every time I rummage through my fabric stash, it always makes me smile to see it again.

As part of my endeavor to make a dent in my stash of scraps and my current interest in “made fabric,” I stitched together a pillow front from the bits and pieces.

pillow front

I had originally thought it would be another hand pillow but changed my mind. I decided it is perfectly charming the way it is, with all the smiley little suns. I don’t want to cover up any of them.

I always layer the pillow front the same way as a quilt, with batting and a backing piece. To the backing piece, I stitched a piece of selvage with the name of the fabric line, for posterity.


When the front was done, I still had a bit of fabric — enough to make the two pieces for the pillow back, as well as the covered cording.

pillow back

This is what is left over.


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