The Quilter’s Knot

I like to hand-quilt. Pretty much any quilt I make will be hand-quilted.

I think there might have been one quilt a long time ago that I machine-quilted.

I am aware of the disadvantages. Primarily, it can take a really . . . long . . . time to finish a quilt. Especially if it’s big.

There are three main reasons that prevent my quilts from being machine-quilted. (1) I find it difficult to machine quilt with my conventional sewing machine (as opposed to a long-arm). (2) I’m reluctant to pay for machine quilting. (3) I don’t like a lot of the machine-quilting that I see.

Plus, I really do like to hand-quilt. So, I adhere to the philosophy “It takes as long as it takes” and refuse to fret about it.

The main problem I had with hand quilting, though, was The Knot.

Specifically, the Overhand Knot.

Knotting my thread once wasn’t enough to keep it from pulling through. Knotting it twice often made it rather difficult to pull it through to bury it.

I had heard about something called the Quilter’s Knot, but hadn’t investigated.

Now, however, thanks to the Craftsy blog, I have learned how to make one, and discovered its advantages.

Just don’t ask me to explain why it took me so long.

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