Leftover Yarn

Sometime last year, I started using yarn left over from other projects to knit 6″ mitered squares, with the idea that eventually I would assemble them into a blanket.

I have stitched a few of them together, but doing so is not high on my list of priorities. In fact, it’s pretty low, and thus unlikely to get done.

So I searched for another option to use the accumulated odds and ends, and found a pattern for a square blanket knit in the round from the center out. Every other round, I increase two stitches at each of four corners.

I don’t know how big it will end up being. Right now, it’s about 22″ x 22″, all sock yarn knit on 48″ size 4 circular needles.

It’s so incredibly easy, and I barely have to look at what I’m doing, which is great for watching TV in the evenings.


I think I may even un-knit those mitered squares.


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