Works in Progress

I can’t have just one project I’m working on.

I always have at least one quilt I’m hand quilting, one knitting project (usually a pair of socks), a hand pillow, and a kitty.


Shown here are: 1) a quilt that is being hand quilted; 2) the pair of socks I’m knitting (I’m more than three-quarters done with the second sock); 3) two kitties (one turned right-side-out and ready for stuffing, the other stitched up this afternoon and waiting to be turned); and 4) two hand pillows, one in progress (in the hoop) and one freshly fused this afternoon. Not shown: the hand pillow out in my studio, ready to be assembled.

And that list doesn’t include the projects I’m planning. Such as my next Craftsy project. Or the Mobius cowl I plan to make, by unraveling this sweater that I finally completed this year, and then determined that I will never wear. Or the stocking ornaments and chair booties I hope to knit up from leftover yarn. Or . . .



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