Two Birds

Occasionally, an unfamiliar bird will show up in the vicinity of my bird feeder. In late September, a couple of American goldfinches showed up one day, but I haven’t seen any since.

In mid-November, what I am pretty sure is a pine siskin (far right) showed up. This photo was taken through a window screen, so it’s a little fuzzy, but I could see the yellow edges of its wings.

pine siskin

Then this morning, my husband called me over to the living room window that faces the rhododendron in our front yard. He wanted to know if I could identify a little bird perched there.

It didn’t look familiar, so I grabbed my mom’s old bird book. It looked like some sort of sparrow, so I started there, and matched it with a picture of a golden-crowned sparrow.

golden crowned sparrow

It was pretty cold this morning — about 28°F — and his feathers were all puffed out to keep him warm. Made him look very roly-poly.


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1 Response to Two Birds

  1. This is my first year with a bird feeder. I love it and I do the same thing. Grab the picture book and figure out what she is. so fun.


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