Cat Blocks

This past week, among other things, I’ve sewed up several most cat blocks. This isn’t the best photo; It was taken with my iTouch, because I kept forgetting to take my camera out to the studio. I will post a better photo later.

cat blocks

When I first posted about this a week ago, I had made just two blocks, the two in the upper left.

These are a lot of fun to make, and now that I’ve made several, they go together very quickly. Plus, I’ve made a dent in the stack of red/black/white fabrics left over from a project several years ago.

I’ve made two of the paired cats with intertwined tails, using two different methods for the tail units. The pair in the upper right were made using foundation paper piecing. After using that method, however, I decided to figure out how to make the unit using the folded-corner method. After calculating the sizes of the pieces, I made the pair in the lower left.

Each method has its advantages. Foundation paper piecing is more accurate, but I think the folded-corner method wastes less fabric to trimming.

On one of the blocks I made today — the white cat in the bottom row — I miscut the body. It’s supposed to be cut 6-1/2″ wide by 8″ tall, but I cut the piece 6″ x 8″. There wasn’t enough fabric to cut another piece the correct size, so I just adjusted the size of the head and the background piece for the ears, and added a narrow strip on the left.

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