Flying Geese Remixed

A short while ago, I saw a photo of a quilt made from Flying Geese blocks. I printed the photo, but neglected to make note of where I saw it.

Now I can’t remember if I saw it on Facebook, or on the Craftsy blog. (It’s on Pinterest, but that’s not a site I visit.)

A Google search led me to a site that had the photo I had seen. I also found, however, that it was originally a Robert Kauffman pattern.

Anyway, I thought it looked like a fun and easy quilt top to make, and a good way to use a variety of fabrics from my stash.

I chose to go with a floral theme.

flying geese

I’ve discovered that making scrappy quilts such as this doesn’t seem to really decrease my store of fabric. In the course of piecing this top, however, I have managed to use up some small remnants.


When completed, I will donate this top to the Project Linus monthly quilting bee at the Pacific Fabrics store in Bremerton.


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2 Responses to Flying Geese Remixed

  1. Yes, I’ve found the same thing. I can use up a lot of small pieces, but it doesn’t have a big impact on total stash. Especially not if I then buy fabric to back it, and the leftover backing fabric is half the total yardage used from stash… Slow burn that way. 🙂

    This is going to look great. I quilted one my nieces made a couple of years ago. They agreed on fabric colors together and each made half of the geese. One assembled it, I quilted it, and the other bound it. Then their mom, my sister, got to enjoy it as a milestone birthday gift.


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