Our European Vacation: The Eiffel Tower

Two weeks ago, we had just arrived in a city in the land of universal health care and amazing public transportation, also known as Paris, France.

Yesterday, we returned home to Seattle. Already it is becoming to seem slightly unreal, bookended as the journey was by the hours spent nearly immobile in our airplane seats.

My daughter greeted us as we entered the terminal at Charles de Gaulle airport, and helped us find our hotel near the Eiffel Tower.

Here is the view from our room.


To see the Eiffel Tower, we had to go out on the street.


It was within easy walking distance. After a couple hours of chill-out time, we met up again with my daughter and headed over.

A Google search tells me that it is 984 feet high. That is 379 feet taller than the Seattle Space Needle (605 feet). The base is  massive — 100 meters (328 feet) on each side. The size of the cars, buses, and people in this photo gives a sense of the scale.


My daughter told us that it is spectacular to see it lit up at night. So one evening we headed over. My camera doesn’t take good pictures in low light, but Tim got a pretty good picture with his iPhone, which I have tweaked slightly in Photoshop to better bring out the golden appearance.

eiffel at night

A coincidental side note: For my airplane reading, I bought a used copy of “The Devil in the White City” by Erik Larson, about the 1893 Chicago Exposition. Held three years after the 1889 World’s Fair in Paris, one goal of the organizers was to “out-Eiffel Eiffel.”

This was finally achieved by the construction of the first Ferris wheel, named after its designer, George Washington Gale Ferris.



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