Our European Vacation: Versailles

Versailles was amazing.

As soon as you walk through the gates into the main courtyard, you can’t miss all the giltwork. When we were there, the skies were cloudy. I can only imagine how it must glow in the sun.

Although I have always associated Versailles with Marie Antoinette and the French Revolution, I learned that its history went back to the early 1600s. In fact, while touring Versailles, Marie Antoinette was barely mentioned.

The interior was no less opulent.

Note the painted molding in the right hand picture that appear to be three-dimensional.


The Hall of Mirrors.


A view through a window, distorted by the glass.


A painting of Napoleon crowning Josephine (we saw another version of this painting at the Louvre) and a painting featuring George Washington, with Lafayette standing behind him, slightly in shadow. Apparently, Lafayette, as a member of the nobility, was a somewhat controversial figure during the French Revolution.

There were many statues as well. One that caught my eye was this one of the Duc d’Orleans. The detail in his lace cuff was incredible.

The local birds did not have much respect for the statues outside.

The giltwork extended to some of the fountains as well.

After touring the main palace, we had lunch at a restaurant there called Angelina. While we were waiting to be seated, we had the opportunity to view the dessert case filled with tasty treats, two of which we later ordered.


After lunch, we walked through the gardens along the Grand Canal to the Trianon.


The Grand Trianon was nearly as luxurious as the Main Palace.

It was at the Petit Trianon that Marie Antoinette finally made an appearance.

Can you discern her initials in the metalwork on the staircase railing?

After leaving the Trianon, we got a little bit lost and went in circles a couple times before we finally asked for directions back to the Main Palace. The Trianon is far enough away and the grounds and gardens around the Grand Canal are so large that you can’t see the Main Palace. By the time we finally got back, it was nearly closing time. I had hoped to take a quick run through the bookstore, but it had already locked its door, though the time was only 5:20 and it was supposed to be open until 5:30.





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