Our European Vacation: The Louvre

Of course, we visited the Louvre.

To avoid waiting in line to buy our tickets, we purchased them in advance at a nearby Fnac outlet. We had already walked by earlier in our trip, and seen firsthand the egregiously long queue of people.


We were there right when it opened.

Of course, we headed first for the Mona Lisa. Even so, there was already a crowd in front taking many selfies.


If your want to get a good close look at the painting, check out this page on the Louvre’s web site.

Something about the museum that I hadn’t comprehended until we were there is how huge it is. Here is an aerial view of it. We were there for about five hours. To see all the galleries, it could take days.

Not all the galleries were crowded. The rooms featuring Islamic art were pretty quiet. There we saw some pieces featuring geometric designs, ranging from fairly simple to very intricate.

There were also a number of mosaics, such as this one.


Also, a watercolor copy of the mosaics in the Grand Mosque of Damascus.

I didn’t take many photographs at the Louvre. With the relatively low lighting, it was hard to hold my camera steady enough to get a picture that wasn’t blurry. I made an exception for some portraits by Elisabeth VigĂ©e Le Brun.



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