Lots of Blue and a Little Yellow

A week or so ago, I finished this quilt and sewed on the binding.


This was a lot of fun to do. I got to use many of my quilting stencils, and the white thread shows up so well against the dark blue fabrics.

Since I had reached a stopping point in the sweater I was working on, I started on a new pair of socks.


In keeping with the whole “blue” theme, I stuffed this kitty last night.


I never get tired of making these. Each one is unique. I’ve made so many — about 5o or so — that they fill more than two large shopping bags. A few weeks ago, I contacted a local homeless shelter for women and children to see if their kids would like them for Christmas. They wrote back that there aren’t enough to give to each child, but it’s just about the right number for the single women at their Day Center. Once I get up to 60, I’ll drop them off.

Now that the very blue quilt is done, this is my new quilting project. I don’t want to show much, because it’s my next Craftsy project.




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