Merry Christmas from Baby Cthulhu

My husband Tim has been a fan of H.P. Lovecraft since junior high. One of Lovecraft’s best-known stories is “The Call of Cthulhu.”

As a Christmas present, I thought it would be fun to get him a plush Cthulhu toy. However, I wasn’t much taken with what a Google search turned up.

Except for this free downloadable pattern.

Once I downloaded the pattern, though, I had trouble finding time to make it. Plus, we had some subfreezing weather, which prompted me to bring my sewing machine into the house from my unheated studio.

It’s hard to make a surprise present when the person you’re making it for is in the house.

So the weekend before Christmas I told Tim that I would be doing “mystery sewing” in the front room and he needed to stay in the back of the house.

It only took a couple hours or so to sew up Baby Cthulhu. A couple days later, I stuffed him and stitched up the side.

I made one adjustment to the pattern. I felt like his wings needed to be bigger. You can’t really see them from the front, in the photo with the original pattern. I enlarged the pattern piece 125%. If they had been any larger, it would have been a battle to turn him right side out.

If I ever make him again, I might make the wings 150% larger, line them with something stiff like Timtex, and handstitch them on after turning.


And I guess his tentacles aren’t supposed to be stuffed. Oh well. He’s still pretty cute.

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