Sidney, BC

For New Year’s, Tim and I took an overnight trip up to Sidney, BC.

Early Saturday morning, we drove up to Anacortes to catch the 8:30 ferry to Sidney.

After checking in at our motel, we set out on foot to get the lay of the town. We were about a 10-minute walk from the ferry dock, which is right downtown.

Nearly everyone we passed nodded, or said hello. Very different from Seattle.

Along the waterfront, there is a “sculpture walk,” which we investigated more thoroughly Sunday morning before breakfast.

There was also a small bandshell, which reminded me of the opera house in Sydney, Australia.



Also, around town are many statues of people sitting on benches. A couple of them had been “accessorized,” as had the statue of the gymnast.


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  1. Nancy Miller says:

    So cool!


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