Continental Knitting

This afternoon, I learned how to knit, continental-style.

I can definitely see the advantages. Because there’s so much less hand movement, I think my hands wouldn’t get as tired as they do with English-style. And, once I get the hang of it, switching between knit and purl is much quicker.

The main challenge, for me at least, is maintaining good tension with my left hand. I need to figure out the best way to wrap the yarn around my fingers to keep it from slipping.

I’m close to being done with a pair of socks. Maybe I’ll try knitting the next pair with this new (for me) technique.

Here’s the swatch I knit for practice.


The other thing I noticed is that the overall fabric is a little looser and more open. My stitches aren’t as tight. Our instructor confirmed that gauge will differ between the two methods.

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