Of Flamingos and Four Patches

One of the tasks I often do for my employer is make a store or show model. These are projects, such as a quilt or dress or tote bag that is displayed in one of our stores or at a show to help promote and sell patterns.

I like to do it because it gives me an opportunity to sew a quilt design that I probably would never otherwise make, using fabrics that are not the ones I tend to buy.

For Sew Expo this spring, I made this flamingo quilt from an Elizabeth Hartman pattern.


Even though I was provided with small cuts of fabric — mostly 1/6 of a yard, except for the pink background — there was a fair bit of fabric left over.

Enough to make this Disappearing Four Patch quilt top.

four patch

A couple of our stores will be hosting a Project Linus Blanket Bee at the end of April. I think this will make a good donation!

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One Response to Of Flamingos and Four Patches

  1. You are right, a perfect donation! What a wonderful job, I’m jealous:)!


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