Digging into My Stash of Embroidery Floss

It’s been years since I did any embroidery.

I first picked it up when I was about 11 or 12. My oldest sister was into it; I probably started to do it to emulate her, but then discovered that I liked it.

I’ve been aware of Zentangles for some time now. I checked out a couple of books from the library, and did some doodling, but never found — or made — the time to do it on a daily basis.

Likewise, the recent fad for adult coloring books.

But I like to have a variety of handwork projects to work on while watching television in the evenings. Right now, I have a pair of socks and a small quilt to work on. Usually, I also have a hand pillow going, but I just finished one.

So I thought this might be a good time to start on this Zenbroidery panel I bought a couple months ago.

zen cu

This might take awhile.


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4 Responses to Digging into My Stash of Embroidery Floss

  1. Annette says:

    Love that panel! I’ve always found the slow stitching aspect of embroidery to be very therapeutic.


  2. Beautiful Zenbroidery! There isn’t nothing as relaxing as hand sewing in the evening:)


  3. Margaret Miller says:

    Where did you find that panel? Wow–what a project!


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