Things I Now Cook in the Oven

I’m not sure what prompted me initially to Google “Cooking bacon in the oven,” or something close to that.

But I did, and in a small way, it has changed my life.

I used to fry bacon on the stovetop in a skillet, which is a somewhat time-consuming, labor-intensive method. The way I do it, I am constantly monitoring the progress, turning the bacon strips over and over, making sure it gets just crispy enough, but not too crispy.

But cooking it in the oven is So. Much. Easier.

Various recipes on the interwebs will vary slightly, but here’s one that’s pretty straightforward and is pretty much how I do it.  It works for both strip bacon and cottage bacon. (Cottage bacon is leaner and, where we buy at at the Fred Meyer meat counter, is more or less round in shape, which makes it perfect for bacon cheeseburgers.)


(Every so often, though, I will still buy strip bacon and fry it on the stovetop. I do this, because it is a better way to render the fat and pour it into a glass jar to save in the refrigerator for when I make corn muffins, using my grandmother’s recipe. I’ve tried other types of shortening in the past, but they’re just better when I use bacon drippings.)

Then, earlier this year, it occurred to me, Can I make hamburgers in the oven? Why, yes, yes I can.

And they’re So. Much. Better. Juicy, not dry and carbonized. Twenty minutes at 350 to 375 degrees (our oven runs a little cool), turned once at 10 minutes. Then finished off under the broiler to melt the cheese. (Plus, you can cook up all the patties and save the extras for later.)

Then today, I asked myself, well, how about corn on the cob? Well, yes!

Roasting them with the husks on probably works better if you have time to soak them for a few hours. Otherwise, you can wrap them in foil.

Let’s just say that tonight’s dinner was perfect-o!






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