Two Quilts

If you’ve been following this blog at all, you may know that I am always working on multiple projects.

Currently, I am stitching a hand pillow, there’s a kitty ready to stuff, I just turned the heel on a sock, I have a Storm at Sea quilt top on my design wall, I just began quilting the big-ass Maple Leaf quilt, and a few days ago, I made the last of a set of 90 blocks, (here’s one, a couple more, and another). Here is the whole stack.

batik blocks

Each block is supposed to be 8-1/2″ square, including the seam allowance. They’re all pretty close to that, but there is some variability. So I will need to address this issue when I piece them into a top. I have an idea for sashing that I think may solve this small problem. Check back later, and I’ll let you know how it goes.

I had trouble deciding how I wanted to quilt the Maple Leaf quilt. I quilt one of the big, 12-inch blocks with a leaf motif.

leaf quilting

It’s okay, but I found it a little dull.

For the second block, I freehanded a feather-y pattern.

maple leaf

I think I like that better, although it will work only for the bigger blocks.

I’m also outline quilting the background spaces, and filling in some of the larger square and triangles with little floral designs.

maple leaf 2

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