Baby on the Brain

Soon after my daughter informed me that she will be delivering my grandchild in October, I started thinking about what wee items I could knit.

Since he/she will be born as the weather is getting colder, first up was a warm hat.

I decided I wanted to make it to have ear flaps and ties, the former because caps don’t always completely cover the ear and the latter because babies sometimes have a propensity to lose things. I can’t begin to count the number of tiny socks, mittens, and shoes that I see on streets and walking paths.

I wanted something non-wool. Even though many wools feel quite soft to the hand, I was concerned that it might be a little itchy and uncomfortable nonetheless. I lucked out when I found some Bamboo Pop. The 50% cotton/50% bamboo felt just right.

Because we don’t know the gender yet, I went with a dark blue.

I perused the internet and Ravelry for a simple, easy-to-knit pattern. Eventually, I found one in one of my knitting books, “Grammy’s Favorite Knits for Baby.” I slightly adapted the hat from the Tricolor Ensemble.

baby hat and sock

When that was done, I printed out a pattern from the Summer 2011 issue of Love of Knitting. I’ve made this twice before, and it is so easy.

The four pieces are all done, just waiting to be sewn together. (I still have about 5 months.)

baby sweater

Lastly, some baby socks or booties for the wee feet.

I looked at a lot of patterns, but many of them seemed a little too complicated, or used short rows — which I suppose I could learn to do, but maybe some other time.

Finally, I found this design by Kate Atherley on Ravelry.

I’ve completed one (see above). I may need to make a second pair (I have plenty of yarn) because I think this first pair is a bit on the large size.

I hope the ribbing on the cuff will help it fit a little more snugly and make it less likely to be kicked off.

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