Raiding My Fabric Stash

Since I started quilting, some 35 years ago, I’ve preferred to make quilts of my own design.

But recently, I decided to embark on a new course of action.

I have a pretty extensive library of quilt books, collected during the years I was employed by a publisher of such. And I have a pretty respectable fabric stash.

I decided I would try to make one quilt from each of the books on my shelves.

I could have started with the first book on the first shelf. Instead, I selected all the books that feature scrappy quilts.

The first quilt I chose to make is “Perkiomen Valley Nine Patch” from Scrap Frenzy by Sally Schneider.

I cut out the pieces sometime during the summer. Several days ago, I finished sewing the blocks together, but only got around to pressing them and arranging them on my quilt wall today.

perkiomen quilt

They may be there awhile.


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