“Plan B” Crib Quilt

My latest submission to Project Linus:

plan b quilt

This is a crib-size version of “Plan B” from Save the Scraps by Gayle Bong.

In reducing the number of blocks, I had to recalculate the number of 2″ scrappy squares I would need.

I failed. Not sure where my calculations went awry, and sometimes it’s just not worth trying to backtrack to figure it out.

First I thought I had too many, so I used the extras in one of my kitties.

Then, after I’d finished making the gray-star blocks, I didn’t have any for the scrappy-star blocks.

I do know how to do simple addition and multiplication — really! — but just couldn’t do it last month.


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2 Responses to “Plan B” Crib Quilt

  1. Rebecca Grace says:

    What a beautiful Project Linus quilt! Whoever receives it is going to feel the love and care that went into making it.


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