Bali Bali Quilt and Kitties

For this Linus quilt, I went through my bin of batiks. I was lucky to find that there was a large piece — more than a yard — of a multicolored batik suitable for the background. Because there were so many colors in it, it coordinated well with a wide variety of fabric hues.

bali quilt

This quilt is a small version of “Flaying Home from Bali Bali” from Nickel Quilts by Pat Speth and Charlene Thode.

This fabrics in the Eight-Patch columns are the same, the only difference being the directiuon of the color gradation.

Each of the Flying Geese blocks is different, and none use any of the Eight-Patch fabrics.

Because I wanted each Flying Geese block to be different, I used the Stitch-and Flip method rather than the No-Waste method.

Consequently, I had a lot of leftover triangles from the trimming. I sewed them into half-square triangle units and had enough to make five patchwork kitties, three of which are shown here.

bali kitties

They will get donated to Project Linus along with the quilt top.

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