Mindless Knitting

I really enjoy knitting socks, but I’ve made my close friends and family at least one pair — some of them even two or three.

It was time to knit something else.

I haven’t had much luck with sweaters. One I completely unraveled after it was done and used the yarn to knit a couple Moebius cowls and a beret. Another just didn’t fit and at some point will be gifted to someone smaller and slimmer than myself.

I also wanted to work on something that held more immediate gratification than something that would take me three years to knit.

Since my grandson was born in October, I’ve kind of had baby on the brain. He has a gazillion blankets, but I thought it would be fun to knit one for some baby yet-to-be-determined.

I checked out a book of baby knits from the library which included a pattern for a Log Cabin Afghan. Unfortunately, I neglected to record the title of the book.

I screwed up my first attempt. When one band of color is bound off, you’re supposed to rotate the project 90 degrees and pick up stitches along the next edge. I mistakenly picked up stitches along the just-bound-off edge. After making this same error a couple of times, I ripped back all my knitting and started over.

The original pattern tells you to make six squares with two rounds around a center square and then sew them together. Instead, I just kept knitting.

Except for the picking up and binding off, it’s all garter stitch, and you can’t get much easier than that.



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