So Many Rosettes

Since I first posted about making Grandmother’s Flower Garden rosettes just over two years ago, I’ve been working steadily, first piecing individual rosettes, then putting them together into what will eventually become a queen-size quilt.

The other day when I spread out the work-in-progress on my bed, I saw that I am perilously close to being done.

garden quilt

In fact, I’ve made more rosettes than will be needed. But I was a little short on the two different half-blocks needed for the side and top/bottom edges.


There’s a good chance that the extra rosettes will end up in pillows. I could use them in a second floral Flower Garden quilt, but I don’t like to repeat myself. I am certain that I will continue to make rosettes for a second quilt, but I think I will pull out my bin of batik fabrics for it.

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