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Swatching for Paris

With our trip to Europe fast approaching, I need to plan for what knitting project I will take. I want something that won’t knit up *too* fast. I’m not looking to complete anything, but a project that can keep me … Continue reading

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Early Blooms at Dunn Gardens

A few days ago, I received an email from Dunn Gardens informing me that the garden would be open to members-only today for a special look at the snowdrops, which are peaking early due to recent warmer-than-usual weather. Though Tuesday … Continue reading

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Red and White Hearts

Out in my sewing studio today, I collected a few items that had been sitting around and put them in the bag to donate to one of the clothing recycling bins around town. In doing so, I came across a … Continue reading

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Two Birds

Occasionally, an unfamiliar bird will show up in the vicinity of my bird feeder. In late September, a couple of American goldfinches showed up one day, but I haven’t seen any since. In mid-November, what I am pretty sure is … Continue reading

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Works in Progress

I can’t have just one project I’m working on. I always have at least one quilt I’m hand quilting, one knitting project (usually a pair of socks), a hand pillow, and a kitty. Shown here are: 1) a quilt that … Continue reading

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Lots of Ends

Yesterday, I bound off the edges of the scrappy little knitted blanket. It measures about 26″ x 26″. I knit the last few rounds using seed stitch, with the hope that doing so might keep the edge from curling much. … Continue reading

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Leftover Yarn

Sometime last year, I started using yarn left over from other projects to knit 6″ mitered squares, with the idea that eventually I would assemble them into a blanket. I have stitched a few of them together, but doing so … Continue reading

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